About Us
Photography is the art of sharing, and Ripples of Time is a website devoted to capturing images where the textures and colors in nature reflect the majesty of God’s creation.
We marvel at every sunrise as we watch dawn emerge changing the colors of the horizon until we are awash in His golden light. Likewise, we remain awestruck by His perfect sunsets.
Focusing on wildlife, we sometimes wonder what God was thinking when He created some of the critters that cross our path. But, we have a passion for recording all the details of God’s creation – even throwing a few humans into the mix.
Graphic Designer and Photographer Keith D. Crabtree
Keith Crabtree is a freelance graphic designer with more than 35 years of experience.
Growing up in Central Oregon, Keith developed a deep love for wildlife and nature. His first Kodak 110 pocket camera provided the springboard from which his lifelong passion for nature photography grew.
A few years ago at Joe Pool State Park, Keith’s encounter with a Painted Bunting sparked his interest and put him on a new path to learn more about birds and all kinds of critters.
Today, Keith and his wife Patti spend most weekends on-location shooting. Equipped with a Canon DSLR, Keith continues to pursue knowledge about photography and his subjects while enjoying his true passion – the quest for great wildlife images.
Any image that you see and would like to purchase. Send me a message on what size and what type of material. Images can be printed on canvas, metal, t-shirts, iPhone cases, and all kinds of things. I will send a quote for the cost.
Thank you!