Ripples of time are moments in time that I share with you.
Why ripples?
The moment is captured in an image, the image then flows out from me as I share it,
others will experience it, and share it, and the ripple of that moment will continue.

Keith D. Crabtree

Keith Crabtree is a freelance graphic designer with more that 40 years of experience.

Growing up in Central Oregon, Keith developed a deep love for wildlife and nature. His first Kodak 110 pocket camera provided the springboard from which his lifelong passion for nature photography grew.

Over 20 years ago at Joe Poll Sate Park, Keith’s encounter with a Painted Bunting sparked his interest and put him on a new path to learn more about birds and all kinds of critters.

Today, Keith and His wife Patti spend most weekends on location shooting. Equipped with a Canon DSLR, Keith continues to purse knowledge about photography and his subjects while enjoying his true passion — the quest for great wildlife images.

Painted Bunting
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